Wednesday, May 30, 2012

15 countries...

He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation."
--Mark 16:15

Last month, I was asked by Outcry in the Barrio (the men's home Todd went to) to paint a flag representing each country where a Victory Temple was established.  I was more than excited to do this for them.  The paintings are hanging in the entryway as you enter the men's home.  There are 15 flags.  It's really unbelievable thinking of the history of this incredible ministry and how many destroyed lives and families they have helped piece back together.  Todd and I are humbled to say we have had experiences with this ministry that we never believed were possible.  
Anytime one of the "homeboys" gives their testimony, they always lead up to the day they were saved by saying, "But One Day," which is where we got the title of our blog.  It gives me chills every time I hear one of them saying it.  All of their pasts were so different, so spoiled, and usually so deceitful.  Even though I know those three words are coming up as they are giving their testimony, I still get teary-eyed hearing each one of them say it because when they get to that part, "BUT ONE DAY," they are all the same.  We are all saved only through Jesus blood he shed on the cross for us.  
I am so thankful for my "one day."


  1. Your story has touched my heart and I sit here with tears running down my face. I can tell through your words that God is giving you strength and is working in both of your lives. I pray that he will continue to bless you and your family. I am one of the people in Benton who did not know you personally, but questioned your decision to stay with Todd through his addiction. My son was not able to keep his marriage together through his wife's addiction to prescription drugs. My anger with her for destroying my child's happiness has eaten me alive for many years. After reading your story, I have hope that she will be able to find the strength in God that you and Todd have found. I can forgive her and pray for her with love in my heart. Thank you for sharing what had to be a difficult story to tell.